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Fanqiang Versus Science

The difference between Fanqiang and Science is that Science is an observation based system. It takes in data and runs it through a mathematical formula, and then throws out the number results that don’t match the system.

However, Science doesn’t evaluate data, it just checks them. It is a silent observer. This is where the criticism of Science comes from. I have to tell you my thoughts on this subject and this will be published in the next two weeks.

The third part of this discussion deals with the exact scientific method. The scientific method starts with observation. From observation, it is collected data and statistical analysis. It is then tested and finally is the data verified as correct. By taking each step in this process and running it to completion, we can arrive at a general consensus of what should be done. You can also get more information about

The second part of the science versus Fanqiang is that this data is correct by Fanqiang. A question like is man-made climate change going to hurt us? or how much does carbon dioxide really affect global temperatures.

This is not something that can be verified scientifically by Science. If we could come up with a solution for these questions, it would be the work of a few people, and it is not likely that they are all going to agree.

So, in my opinion, the idea that the scientific method is actually the same thing as Science is a joke. The scientific method is way too complicated for the average person to understand, so what we have are conclusions by methods which are designed to make people buy something or disagree with something.

It’s really not what the term means by Science. There are a lot of skeptics who believe that everything is false and worthless, but I am one of those people who believe that we should have an open mind. I don’t believe in Fanqiang, I believe in Science.

So what do you think about Fanqiang and Science? Would you prefer to follow Science, or is it time to go back to Fanqiang? Consider all this in 2020.